It’s Time For Animanics! 

I remember renting this game as a kid, and getting so pissed off every time I played it.

Seriously, this game is so damn hard.

But I want to reflect on this game because it is a piece of my childhood. Like many kids growing up in the 90s, I watched Animaniacs all the time. I still have my Wakko and Dot plushies from Six Flags.

After I had rented this game a couple of times, my parents bought the game for me. This is how I played the game:
 I play for a few minutes, get mad, ask my mom to beat the water/pirate level, play for a few more minutes, get mad, ask mom to beat another level, she can’t because she can only beat the water/pirate level supposedly, I cry, I turn the game off.

The execution of the game is what is so terrible. The platforming is far from polished. You can die easily from a small misstep or not knowing where to go or what to do. When you lose one of the characters, you have to go to the WB tower and rescue via a map you use in between stages.

Getting characters back is such a chore, and can be difficult all on it’s own. However there are a few things I find appealing. The level themes are fantastic.

Each level represents a different genre. For example, the Sci-Fi studio has creatures that resemble ‘face huggers’ from Alien. The graphics are great for the era, and it looks like a fun game.

But it’s not. It’s brutal.

I have such a love/hate relationship with this game. This game was stolen from me when I was a kid, and I mourned over it. I finally found a copy for cheap years later. I was so excited, but I learned that nostalgia can be a harsh mistress.

If you like punishment, I recommend this game.

If you like fun, just watch the show.


Blue or Red Pill? (Enter The Matrix)

I absolutely LOVE The Matrix. I remember when it first came out in 1999. Everyone was talking about it. And every idiot I came into contact with said it was the most confusing movie they ever seen.

So, my 8 year old self prepared mentally. My parents rented it, and let us watch it (because violence is okay, but sex isn’t).

I fell in love with it. And I went to school telling people how stupid they were for not understanding it.

Yes, I was that kid with no filter.

I received Enter The Matrix as a Christmas present on the PS2. This was one of my favorite games from my childhood. I played it so much, I could only play Niobe’s campaign. That’s how scratched up my game disc was.

The cut scenes in the game was live-action that were filmed for the game. You can, also, play as Ghost or Niobe; which have different cut scenes for each campaign.

There was even a ‘hack mode’ for you to input cheat codes.

Mind you, this game isn’t great. I picked it back up on GameCube for 5 dollars. I tried playing through it, and the experience was so different from when I was a kid.
But Goddamn, The Matrix was awesome.

Rule Of Rose Video Game Collection Pt. 9 

If you have never heard of this game, don’t need surprised. The reason why is because there were only 150,000 copies sold in the United States before they decided to pull it off the shelves. The reason being due to the sexual and physical abuse happening to children. Now, mind you, the game never shows sexual abuse. And the physical abuse is bullying by a group of children. However, the game has heavy symbolism referring to these subjects.

This was introduced to me via a friend. Calling this game weird is an understatement. It is a psychological horror game where you control Jennifer. Jennifer arrives at a boarding school, and is faced with a group of girls called the Red Crayon Aristocrats Club. They torture Jennifer by burying her alive, putting her in a bag and dropping bugs in it, etc.

I’m definitely intrigued when it comes to horror games. I love the genre, and this is the most interesting horror game I have ever played.

It’s fucked up. I mean, really. It deals with the most taboo subjects in our society, and shows it in a subtle way. In no way does it glorify it. Honestly, I think it’s trying to show the player what child victims go through.

One character comes to mind in the game. The Mermaid Princess.

See what I mean?

But these are the kind of symbolism you see in the game. Suicide, abuse, helplessness. I feel if you have been through a tramuatic experience in your life, don’t play this game.

However, my experience playing it, I have enjoyed it. The combat is god awful, but the story is so compelling. It’s a convincing story of hurt, and how individuals perceive it and cope with it.

If any, just watch the cut scenes from the game on YouTube.

It will probably give you a chill.

AMIIBOS! Video Game Collection Pt. 8 


The best marketing scheme I have ever fallen for. 

When the Amiibo craze started, Dillon was obsessed. We bought every Amiibo you could get your hands on. We stood in line, camped on Amazon, woke up super early and went to Toys R’ Us….

We definitely have slowed down since then. We have sold a bunch of them, and against my moral values, we have opened up several. 

I hate and love Amiibos. I love having figures of some of my favorite characters, especially from the Zelda franchise. At the same time, it’s a collector’s nightmare. I have learned to have some control over what I buy. I do love how you can use Amiibos for certain perks in games. For example, I sit for, at least, 10 minutes and use my Amiibos in Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. You get all kinds of items, and Amiibo exclusive weapons and armor. 

What’s complete bullshit is when you have to have an Amiibo for certain game functions. The most recent being, if you want to unlock hard mode on Metroid 2 you have to buy the Amiibo pack which is 30 dollars.

30 fucking dollars.

Really Nintendo?

Regardless, I love these things. I hope we see more in the future with ample stock.