Video Game Collection Pt. 4

Oh Tomba…

This was a game I fought over with my brother. We knocked over the PlayStation, at least twice, arguing over who was going to get to play. 

My first experience with Tomba was on a kick-ass demo disc a friend of mine had. I remember seeing it all in its 3-D glory. The colors were so vibrant, and the world was so inviting. I loved it.

When Tomba 2 was released, my brother received it as a birthday present. We were so excited for this game. The graphics were amazing for the PlayStation (mind you this was back in 2000). We played this for hours and hours. 

I eventually got the first one when I first started collecting video games “officially” 5 years ago. I have tried so hard to get through the first one. I just can’t do it.

Tomba 2 however…

I play the shit out of this game. I have 100% this game more than once. 

Fuck those mine cart levels. 

I even did the extra mission you can only do with a Tomba 1 save on a memory card. This game is so unrated. It’s so sad that Whoopee Camp shut down after just these two games. If you don’t mind dropping 50-60 dollars on a PlayStation One game or using other ‘methods’ to play this game, check it out. It has unskippable cut scenes, (which I hate with every fiber of my being)late and the menus haven’t aged well. But it’s definitely worth it. 

Eventually I want to stream this, just to share with other people.



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