Music Playlist #1: Feeling Emotion Through The Headphones


  1.  The Naked And Famous – The Mess
  2. Jimmy Eat World – Just Watch The Fireworks
  3. Brand New – I Am A Nightmare
  4. Radiohead – Fake Plastic Trees
  5. Smashing Pumpkins – 1979
  6. Yeah Yeah Yeah – Modern Romance
  7. Neutral Milk Hotel – King Of Carrot Flowers Pt. 1
  8. Sunny Day Real Estate – In Circles
  9. The Airborne Toxic Event – Sometime Around Midnight
  10. The Shins – Caring Is Creepy

Writing is a piece of you. Your words are some clue as to how you feel at that point in time. When I write, I usually have music that mirrors my own. When I’m in an emotional, vulnerable part of my book, I listen to these songs. This is a glimpse, mind you, and I won’t go over what each song and/or artist means to me.

I will, however, warn you:

There will always be one Jimmy Eat World song on each playlist.

They are my favorite band, and have been since I was 10. Their music means so much to me. There is alot of emotion that just punches you in each album. Their sound is a testament to my personality: melancholy as fuck. The one thing I love and hate about Jimmy is you don’t know what the meaning is behind each song, but at the same time you do. It’s like a vaguely described situation most of us has been in. 

Seriously, you need to check them out. Start with Static Prevails, and just listen to everything after that. 

Some of these songs are reminiscent of my teenage years. I went through an emo/scene state; I was lost, confused, and had so many unchecked emotions. I was battling untreated depression and anxiety at the same time. Music was absolutely my therapy. I would just cry my eyes out while listening because it was my emotional outlet. 

Don’t judge the music before you hear it, it’s not like ‘Oh, I hate life’. This music really explores emotions. 




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