And Now For a News Update..

For the few that read my blog, I’m going to be more consistent with my posts. I absolutely love writing, and I want to put more content out there. I hope what I have done so far has benefitted from it. So, here’s what’s going on:
Every Saturday: Mental Health blog focusing around my personal experiences

Every Monday: Music Playlists; I listen to alot of music while I’m writing and working. I would like to share what speaks to me musicially. 

Every Wednesday: Video Game Collection blog; All the pieces will be from my collection, and I’ll briefly describe what it means to me. 

Monthy Updates: I am a contributor to for a website ( I’ll post whenever I do a review. I focus on podcasts, and I do 2-3 reviews a month. 

I will be posting more photos on my photography page. Mostly of the landscape here in Minneapolis, maybe some childhood photograhs, and yes, cats. Alot of cats. 

Thank you to everyone that reads my rambling words. I hope it brings some form of entertainment to your life.


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