Well, Here I Am.

I really hate writing about myself.

So, what the hell am I doing trying to blog?

Good question.

I’m introverted. So, having oodles of contact with individuals is not my thing.

I have depression and anxiety. So, I’m immediately thinking what I write is shit, and everyone that reads it is going to think its shit. Hell, I have already rewritten the intro five times.

I’m a millennial. Millennial = privileged, to some people. So, why would anyone want to listen to an inexperienced, whining, young person about their ‘first-world problems’?

I’m a really negative person. If you can’t tell.

Despite all these things, I really enjoy writing. Like really fucking love it. I wanted to put my passion into good use. I want to relate to other people. I really just want to scream ‘YOU’RE NOT ALONE. I FEEL THAT WAY TOO! LET’S BE FRIENDS!’

I’m a 20 something year old that has most of her shit together. I think. Despite the crippling student debt that came coupled with my degree. Despite my daily fights with my mental illness. And DESPITE not wanting to leave my apartment….

My life isn’t bad. I have had my share of experiences already, and my past has shaped me to be the person I am today. Today I’m semi-content.

This blog’s purpose is for me to vent and to reach people with my venting. My venting consists of my struggle with existentialism, video games, my concern with social issues, the willpower to get out of bed every morning, and me begin cynical. I’m the QUEEN of cynicism.

I want to interact with you guys. This is me dipping one toe into the pool.

So far so good.



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